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We provide a fully modular hotel management applications with highest scalability. We help client hotels receive tailor-made packages and subscription services according to their exact needs and specific preferences at any given time.


List of proposed Solutions:


  •   PMS - Property Management System includes:
    •     The reservation module
    •     The guest reception module
    •     The accounting and billing module
    •     Housekeeping and maintenance module
    •     General system module.
    •     Report module with an extensive report generator
  •   PMS - Property Management System Levels Handles:
    •     Stanard PMS for Single Hotel
    •     Multi PMS
    •     CRS - Central Reservations for Hotel Groups
    •     CMS - Hotel Chain Management System
    •     Youth Hostel PMS
    •     Cruise PMS Package
    •     Fully Automation Paperless Abilities (Green) Solution
    •     Self-Service (Reception Less) PMS - for Airports
  •   CRM - Hotel Customer Relationship Management
  •   Point of Sales System for Hotel Outlets
  •   Events System (MICE INDUSTRY)
  •   Real-Time Sales Channels
  •   Guest Service System
  •   Hotelier Snapshot Manager System
  •   Template Engine
  •   Mobile App for Managers System
  •   Web Interactive Reservations System Link
  •   FBM - Food Beverage Material, Cost Control & Store Management
  •   Spa (Enterprise Management and Scheduling System)
  •   Internal Club Members module in the PMS
  •   Accounts Receivable (A/R)
  •   Web Interactive Reservations Link
  •   Private Web Interactive Reservations System
  •   Complete Hotel Branding
  •   Mass eMail Sender (MMS)
  •   Hotel Marketing Packages & Services
  •   Integration with Room-Key-Card
  •   Integration with Smart Mini-Bar
  •   Integration with Smart TV
  •   Integration with Phone System
  •   Interface with Accounting Software
  •   Interface with Credit Cards
There are hundreds of other unique features in our Hotel Management Offering that you will not find in any other similar application. Each one of them was developed with awareness of the needs of the hotel staff, management and owners.


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